ward de jonghe

strijkkwartet I – for string quartet

duration: ca 5’

written in 2019 

selected as the Flemish entry for the ISCM World Music Days in Shanghai (2021). 

first performance: 2019-10-03 by Arditti Quartet during a master class at the Ghent Royal Conservatory

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“The composition is clearly and challengingly written and cleverly notated. The music is layered and contains many subtle details and complex textures, but the composer also manages to maintain a tight focus on a macro scale – quite an achievement.”
-Selection committee of ISCM Flanders

programme note: 

A simple three note motive, which opens this string quartet, creates the basis for the whole piece. In one way or another it is the core of all that follows, thus connecting motives, formal structures or melodic fragments. Though the quartet starts off in quite a hostile way, tender harmonies and expressive elements soon enter, and the mood becomes very soft. However, restlessness always remains present…