ward de jonghe

Sc – for ensemble

duration: ca 6’

instrumentation: fl, cl, vn, vc, pno 

written in 2022 for Pasklaar by Peter Benoit Fonds, Roomservice vzw and Comav vzw.

first performance: 2022-11-17 by Bart Bouckaert, Marcello Massi, Emma Broché, Salomé Saurel, Astrid Reijnders and Diego Saavedra at Royal Conservatory, Brussel

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programme note: 

Sc consists of three short movements, which can be seen as character pieces. They create an atmosphere, or could represent a short story or poem. The listener may be able to imagine for themselves what the content might be, as with songs without words. 

Part I is a rigid, thought-out construction of simple motifs; the calm Part II, by contrast, is a free elaboration of a single harmony; and Part III, in turn, is capricious, unpredictable. Three strong contrasts? Or three snapshots of the same character?

The title Sc refers to a text fragment that lay at the basis of the piece; to Schoenberg’s opus 21; to something light and powerful; to the number 3; …