ward de jonghe

(… fend …) – for soprano saxophone and piano

duration: ca 12’’

written in 2021 as a commission for Koi Collective

performed the premiere at Beeldenstorm, Anderlecht, on November 24th 2021.

first performance: 2021-11-24 by Maarten Vergauwen and Emmy Wils at Beeldenstorm, Anderlecht

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“Sensible et intelligent.”
– Bernard Vincken, Crescendo Magazine, 2021-11-27

programme note: 

-“Ah! Tempo più non v’è!”

When Il commendatore announces that there is no more time, this means ill tidings for Don Giovanni, but as a spectator of Mozart’s opera as well, time ceases to exist. For it is in these most cherishable moments when one truly enjoys art or a landscape that the clock stops ticking, one can briefly escape from time’s relentless reign, and take a step away from or even have an outsider view on everyday reality.

As a translation of this romantic idea, the above darksome phrase has been transformed into a couple of rich and very slowly changing harmonies, and as such serves as the basis for a composition for soprano saxophone and piano, commissioned by Koi Collective. Both instruments move freely, even briskly, in this timeless structure, hence giving it shape and a variety of colours. Throughout the piece, a few ruptures are found piercing the overall gentle atmosphere, after which previously heard ideas are developed in a different way, just like after a short awakening a dream may continue with other characters or in a different setting.